Episode 88 || Favorite Fall Titles

Curious what the life of a book sales rep might look like? Annie and Chris interview Virginia Price, a sales rep for Penguin Random House. Virginia recommends her favorite upcoming fall book releases (and gives readers a preview of some spring titles to come). Plus, the three book lovers share their favorite podcasts and why movie book covers are so, so bad. 

+ The Mothers
+ Ninth City Burning
+ Reputations
+ Swing Time
+ Ink and Bone
+ The Girl on the Train

+ The Princess Diarist
+ The Book of Joy
+ The Glass Universe
+ Dogs and Their People

Other titles mentioned: 
+ War and Peace
+ Anna Karenina
+ Lord of the Rings
+ Exit West
+ MacArthur's Spies

Podcasts mentioned: 
+ 410wned Gaming Podcast
+ This American Life
+ RadioLab
+ Welcome to Night Vale
+ The Bright Sessions
+ Grammar Girl

For more book recommendations, you can reach Virginia at vprice {at} penguinrandomhouse {dot} com. 

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