Episode 119 || The Politics of Being Southern (ft. Sarah Holland)

Chris is pursuing that ever-elusive PhD, so this week, Annie interviewed Sarah Holland from the Pantsuit Politics podcast. In addition to being the left-leaning cohost of Pantsuit Politics, Sarah is a city commissioner from Paducah, Kentucky, and she's a lifelong southerner.

Annie and Sarah chatted about what "life in the South" really entails, including the hard truth about where Southern maker culture really comes from and Sarah's obsession with Designing Women

Annie and Sarah mentioned:
+ the Southern Foodways Alliance
+ the Whitney Plantation
Designing Women, "Southerns Do NOT Eat Dirt"
+ Classics Sarah's never read but wish she has: Don Quixote and War and Peace
+ Podcasts Sarah listens to: Pod Save America; The Weeds; This American Life; On Being; Death, Sex, & Money; Freakonomics; Hidden Brain
+ Tara Brach's meditations
+ Indigo Girl's "Southland in the Springtime"

Sarah's currently reading: 
Tales of Titans
+ East of Eden by John Steinbeck
+ Talent Code