6. Free Fallin'

Carve a pumpkin.

I haven't yet, but I plan to very soon. It's my favorite part of the Halloween season by a long shot. I love picking out the just-right pumpkin. I love scooping out the guts and roasting the seeds. I love the tiny saw you pick up at the grocery story that breaks 4/5 through the process and forces you to abandon your grand design. It's truly the whole human experience in miniature. 

When I was in middle school, I tried to carve the face of a major villain from the anime series Dragon Ball Z. It did not go well. As I've gotten older, I've gravitated more toward the classic designs: the triangular eyes, the incongruous teeth, the single tea light inside. Sometimes you can't beat the classics.

This week on the podcast, Annie and I talked about our experience with audiobooks. We're both very pro-audio, but it took us some time to get there... and only with the right books. Listen to the episode and see some of our favorites here. If you'd like to go back in time and hear some of Annie's old positions that have since changed, you can listen to Episode 26 here

Chris's Media Log

Okay, let me tell you about Stardew Valley. It's a farming simulator, but it's so much more than your average FarmVille. If you know video games at all, it's like a hybrid of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. Anyway, I had a stressful weekend and ended up buying this game to wind down in the middle of grading papers, which was probably a mistake. Honestly, given some of my historically demonstrated habits, I was very responsible with this game, and it did exactly what I intended it to do regarding my stress, so I'll call it a win.

On top of that, though, I graded the rest of my Women in Lit papers and re-read The First Bad Man by Miranda July, which was even better the second time. It is absolutely not for everyone, and several of my students had a very hard time with some of its content, but the extended meditation on human relationships and what it means to be a parent present by the end of the book is so good and warm.

I also binged the new X-Men series by Cullen Bunn on Wednesday while my Medieval Lit students were taking their midterm exam. Highly recommend. 

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Annie's Quick Review


I just finished librarian Annie Spence's Dear Fahrenheit 451, and although I thought the book was a lovely tribute to books and bookish people, I think I went into my reading experience with the wrong expectations. The book is a collection of Annie's letters to the books she's loved, loathed, and everything in between, and so many of her sentiments felt similar to my own. I appreciated her voice--and the countless book recommendations I walked away with--but I also would have really loved a more in-depth essay collection on the joys of reading. Of course, my expectations are my own fault, and I have no doubt Dear Fahrenheit 451 would make the perfect gift for fellow readers this holiday season.


One last thing!

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