4. Won't Back Down

Welcome, Autumn.

Where Annie and I live in the South Georgia/North Florida area, we essentially have two seasons by the standard of the more northerly parts of the country: spring and summer. It's hot like a tin roof for eight months out of the year, so when our neighbors to the north start bracing themselves for leaves changing, the ones in our window are made of cloth and the air conditioner is still running all afternoon. The mercury is still high in the daytime, but if you're paying attention, and I mean really paying attention with all five senses, you can, in the evening, detect just the slightest hint of a new season in the air, and that promise of a turning of the proverbial page on this long and humid summer is enough for right now. 

This week on the show, Annie and I talked through the books we read in September. You can listen here

If we've each got a highlight this month, mine is The Afterlives (on sale in January) and Annie's is Sing, Unburied, Sing (on sale now). PLEASE make time to read these books. 


Chris's Media Log

This was a good week for me academically! I didn't get a lot of actual reading done, but I had a very productive meeting with my advisor on 9/29 and started making more concrete plans regarding the trajectory of my research and the scope of my writing. I also really enjoyed the first few episodes of Big Mouth, but it's very much not for the, um, faint of heart. If you're looking for a raw and unflinching look at puberty (as if any of us needs to relive that), read some reviews before you hit play.

Media Log:
MBMBaM, #371
Reply All, episode 106

Media Log:

I wrote:
a rough outline of my dissertation

Media Log:
Aaron, Legacy

I did:
lots of dissertation research gathering

Media Log:
Summers, Pregnant Butch
Last Week Tonight
, 8/20/17

Media Log:
"The Dream of the Rood"
Orchard, "The Cross in Anglo-Saxon Literature"
Last Week Tonight, 10/1/17

Media Log:
n/a--it was a very bad day

Media Log:
Big Mouth, season 1, episodes 1 - 3
Old English Judith
Henry of Huntingdon, Historia Anglorum, chapter 18

Annie's Quick Review


I finished Thanks, Obama, this morning, and turns out it was just what I needed to read right now. First of all, it's a political memoir, which is fast becoming a favorite genre of mine. (What can I say? I'm a sucker for Sam Seaborn and C.J. Cregg.) Second, the book provided me with a ton of insight into Democratic policy and ideology, and a deeper glimpse into the mindset of our most previous president. Third, the author, Obama speechwriter David Litt, actually provided a ton of great advice for speechwriters, policy-makers, and wannabe world changers. One chapter in particular ("The Salmon in the Toilet") should be required reading for college-level speech classes. And--good news--in these politically divisive times, I don't think you have to be of a particular political persuasion to enjoy this one. Sure, David Litt is a tried-and-true Democrat, but he also acknowledges the flaws of the party, and his insights and anecdotes can be enjoyable no matter what side of the aisle you fall on. I loved this book.

One last thing!

Okay, I really got it this time. By now, you've gotten an email from Patreon about changes to how you can access your reward content. If not, have a look here. You can add the Unpopular Opinions RSS directly from Patreon to your podcast app, but you can also always find a full catalogue of that show and Deleted Content on our own site


PS: A new episode of Unpopular Opinions went live this morning! What do you think about Rihanna?

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