10. We Three Kings

Field and fountain.

We're kicking into high gear here at the Bookshelf, but back on my side of things, I've started thinking about slowing down. Yesterday was my last day teaching for the semester, which means I've just got two big stacks of papers to grade next week. It's the one part of the job that I really don't relish. Then again, it beats cleaning up a frankly alarming amount of adult feces in the Bookshelf bathroom. #smallbusiness

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Chris's Media Log

I'll be real. I binged a bunch of comic books this week because work and life are stressful and they're my only escape. I started working on revisions for an article that's supposed to come out next year, but then I got distracted and started "productive procrastination" by revising my course syllabus for next semester, which was definitely useful! But also not what I was supposed to be doing. Anyway, Bendis's Dark Avengers series is blah, and I still only care about Marvel Boy.

Media Log:
Reply All, episode 110
Bunn, X-Men Blue #16
Bendis, Dark Avengers #2 – 3
Mindhunter, season 1, episode 10
Legally Blonde 

Media Log:

I wrote:
some revisions for an article

Media Log:
Guggenheim, X-Men Gold #16
Sims and Bowers, Darkhawk #51 

I wrote:
a new HoTT syllabus

Media Log:
Heavyweight, “Christina,” “Jesse”
Bendis, Dark Avengers  #4

Media Log:
Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, “Wife of Bath’s Prologue”
Kempe, The Book of Margery Kempe, selections
Hartnett, Rabbit Cake, pp. 83 – 160

Media Log:
Bendis, Dark Avengers #5 – 6, Annual
Aaron, Dark Reign: The List – Wolverine
Hartnett, Rabbit Cake, pp. 161 - 224

Media Log:
Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, “Wife of Bath’s Tale”
Hartnett, Rabbit Cake, pp. 225 - end

One last thing!

No "Annie's Quick Review" this week because we spent the afternoon recording and there just wasn't time to crank one out, BUT our Lemonade and Mint Julep patrons can check out a trove of new Deleted Content on our podcast website that just got posted this morning. Mint Julep patrons can also listen to a brand new episode of Unpopular Opinions, either through your podcast app using the RSS link on Patreon or on our podcast website in the Mint Julep section. Enjoy!

Tune in next week.


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