2. Falling Away With You

Back to work.

I started teaching again this week after Hurricane Irma gave us so many problems with scheduling. It honestly doesn't even feel like school is real this semester, since this--week four--was our first full week of classes. My Medieval Literature in Translation class has suffered the most because, as you can imagine, it requires lots of historical context up front, which was supposed to happen in the first two weeks. Unfortunately, I just finished that up on Monday, so we just started reading primary texts yesterday. I think about 1/3 of my students didn't show up because finding parking was so difficult.

My Women in Literature class is faring much better since I only had to cut a couple short stories, and we had the great fortune of reading Brit Bennett's The Mothers this week. Annie raved about this one when it came out late last year, and I had every intention of reading it when I had the time. So when I couldn't find the time, I carved it out myself by assigning the book in my class. What a novel! If you haven't read it yet, you're in luck. It comes out in paperback on October 10, and we'll have it available online and in-store at The Bookshelf.

NB: My class loved it--except for the last two sentences. We talked for 30 minutes about what they mean, how the book could have ended differently, and whether they change anything about the story itself!

Chris's Media Log

Several victories this week! As I said, I finally got to read The Mothers, which was everything I hoped it would be. I also got to do some light research for a paper I'll be presenting in March on the character evolution of Sir Gawain in the Arthurian legend and [finally] got started on Big Little Lies after all of its Emmy wins on Sunday. But my big, big high point of the week was that I was able to resume work on my passion project of binding comic books into hardcover volumes of 12 - 18 issues each. It's long and laborious, but I always feel so accomplished when I finish. Pictures to come in a future email!

Media Log:
The Adventure Zone, Live in Austin
The Rugrats Movie

Media Log:
Schiff, "Unstable Kinship: Trojanness, Treason, and Community in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"
Ocean Wonders

I wrote:
an abstract for "One or Several Gawains"

Media Log:
Spencer, Captain America: Sam Wilson #22 - 24
Spencer, Secret Empire Omega

I made:
two hardcover volumes of bound comic books

Media Log:
Bennett, The Mothers, chapters 3 - 6

Media Log:
Bennett, The Mothers, chapters 7 - 8
Big Little Lies, episode 1

Media Log:
Rosenberg, Secret Warriors #5

Media Log:
Bede, Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum, chapters 9 - 16, 24
Bennett, The Mothers, chapters 9 - end
Big Little Lies, episodes 2 - 3 

Annie's Quick Review


You heard me rave about When Dimple Met Rishi on the podcast this week, but here's what you didn't hear: Hunter felt pretty ambivalent at this one (no surprise there), and Emily--who's our big YA fan--didn't seem nearly as in love with the book as I did. When Dimple Met Rishi completely surprised and charmed me. I thought the teen romantic comedy was a lovely departure from other titles in the same genre; Rishi was a wonderfully developed and nuanced character, and I thought Dimple--a smart, determined young woman--was a breath of fresh air. The book would translate beautifully to film. (I'm looking at you, Mindy Kaling.) One other aspect of the novel all three of us loved? The author used various Hindi words throughout the book, and she never defined or explained them. Instead, the reader had to use context clues to determine their meaning, and I loved that small touch.

One last thing!

Thank you again for your patronage. We're so excited that you like us. It makes us blush and giggle and tell all our friends about the secret notes we pass in fourth period. Or something like that. 

I've mostly figured out MailChimp, and this one shouldn't have egregious formatting! We have some fun stuff planned for you. Annie is going to do a bonus episode about her time at the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance conference in New Orleans last week, and I'm trying to figure out the legal AND ethical way to get some sample of my teaching available to you. I'm also trying out white barbecue sauce recipes, and I was horrified to learn today that it's mayonnaise-based. Gag.


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