3. Hysteria

Working for the weekend.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I totally get what Green Day was trying to say in 2004 with "Wake Me Up When September Ends." This month has been a marathon, and I'm on mile 24. Half the battle has been the protracted transition period between summer and the start of the school year due to the week of Labor Day being immediately followed by a hurricane, but man. My kingdom for a restful weekend.

The other half of the battle is just my personality. Being stressed out by other people's stress is part and parcel of being an INFJ/4w5/empath/HSP/whatever. And everyone around me is stressed. My FSU colleagues because of the calendar crunch, the Bookshelf staff because of all our events, my friends because of a myriad of personal issues. It's a lot, but I'm dealing. Consequently, I spent a lot of time this week on the Word document in which I've organized my comic book collection. Which, like, yikes.

Chris's Media Log

So the first thing of note here is Big Little Lies. I came to it late, I know. Thank you, Emmy Awards. But you guys. That is a SHOW. Beautifully shot, stellar performances, important narrative. The whole package. I mean, except for Nicole Kidman's accent. Kinda jumpy, yeah? I love her, but...

I also started working in earnest on some dissertation research this week, so I read Massumi's discussion of Gilles Deleuze's conception of simulacra to see how I might be able to relate that to shapeshifting characters in the Arthurian legend. Jury's still out. Similarly, new Star Trek. Not sure how I feel about it yet. 

Media Log:
MBMBaM, #369
Big Little Lies, episodes 4 - 5

Media Log:
MBMBaM, #370
Reply All, episode 105

Media Log:
Massumi, "Realer than Real"

I wrote:
potential chapter titles for my dissertation

Media Log:
Layamon, Brut, ll. 9893 - 11005
Hopeless, Doctor Strange #23 - 24
Big Little Lies, episodes 6 - 7 

Media Log:
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, year 755
Genesis 1 - 3
Pseudo-Cædmon, Genesis B
Bremmer, "The Germanic Context of Cynewulf and Cyneheard"
Cohen, Medieval Identity Machines, introduction
Last Week Tonight, 9/24/17

Media Log:
Great News, season 1, episodes 9 - 10
Star Trek: Discovery, season 1, episode 1
Last Week Tonight, 9/17/17

Media Log:
"The Wanderer"
"The Wife's Lament"

Annie's Quick Review


I don't even have the appropriate adjectives for Sing, Unburied, Sing. Beautiful? Yes. Heartbreaking? Yes. Brutal? Yes. Important? Yes. But it's also so much more than those descriptors imply. Jesmyn Ward has woven together the voices of three strong, compelling characters, each vital to the story but completely different in their telling of it. I fell in love with Jojo, the 13-year-old young man at the heart of the novel, and it's his voice I still hear swimming around in my head. In Sing, Ward is telling all kinds of truths about life in the South, in a post-Katrina world, in a rural part of the country where the stakes are so high. It's deserving of all the praise.

One last thing!

Thank you for your patience as we've been figuring out how to make the patron-only bonus content subscribable via RSS. SquareSpace's native RSS block is for text-based blogs, which is why that link hasn't been working for many of you. I think I've solved that for the moment and have edited the RSS links on the patronage tier pages, but who knows? Long story short, I'm working on it, but all the content is available for streaming on the new podcast site. I think it's really fun, and I hope you enjoy. 


PS: A new episode of Unpopular Opinions goes live on October 5, as will a patrons-only look at Annie and Ashley's recent trip to New Orleans for SIBA!

4. Won't Back Down

2. Falling Away With You