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From the Front Porch began in the summer of 2014. We recently celebrated our 175th episode, and each week we’re experiencing growth as more and more listeners become aware of our existence in the podcast world.

To date, we’ve reached over 600,000 total downloads, with each episode averaging 2,500+ downloads in its first seven days. Month to month in 2018, we have seen a 30-40% growth in downloads and response, and our primary listenership resides in the South.

Each episode contains up to two paid sponsorship spots (beginning/end), each with:

  • a live read by Chris or Annie during the episode, approximately 60 - 120 seconds long, with either your prepared script or a freeform ad-lib (recommended) guided by your bullet points.
  • a mention and short description of your business in the episode’s show notes, as well as links to your website and social media accounts.

  • your logo and link listed on our podcast website under sponsors.

  • one Instagram post highlighting you as a sponsor. (The Bookshelf currently has over 4,000 followers.)

If you're interested in advertising your product or business on From the Front Porch, contact Annie using the form below. 

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